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If you are looking for a suitable way to store and transport your films, then you are in the right place! 

The Japan Camera Hunter 35mm and 120 medium format Film Hard Case is made from durable and tough plastic that will keep your films safe from the elements but, most importantly, from light. They are lightweight and small enough to fit into your bag without too much space.

Based on an egg carton, the design is reminiscent of the old Fuji Film Cases. The box can accommodate up to 5 (35 mm) film rolls and keeps your films safe and sound, even when traveling. The lid fits perfectly, so you no longer need annoying elastic bands. Even if you drop the case, the lid will stay put. There are 5 separate compartments where you can store your films unpacked and without a container. Keeping exposed and unexposed films separate is not a problem at all. The egg carton design means the days of rattling cases are over, even if the case is only half full. The film case is available in different colors and 10 x 35 mm and 5 x 120 roll film versions. The design is intentionally simple so that every photographer can make the case their own.

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