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This camera comes with a 30-day Warranty as it is part of our Select CLAd (cleaned, lubricated & adjusted) Cameras which are overhauled by professionals who are experts - either retired factory technicians or factory-trained technicians, or well-known in the Film Photography Community, or the manufacturer. 

Also included is up to a 1-hour Coaching video call to help you load your first roll of film and understand how to get the best from your camera purchase. 

This vintage used Mamiya RB67 ProS 120 medium format film camera is built like a tank. RB stands for Rotating Back, meaning you can rotate the filmback to landscape or portrait mode to take a picture. And it weighs as much as a tank. I don't recommend using a strap and hanging it around your neck while walking about taking pictures. This camera is a solid workhorse. A truly professional tool. It is completely mechanical, so, little to go wrong. 

It comes with a 180 mm f4.5 lens which, from a 6x7 to a 35mm equivalent, translates to 90 mm when you apply a 50x crop factor. Meaning that it falls in the ideal range for taking portraits. The lens is near mint in quality and comes with a clear filter and a cap.

The camera works well, as it was recently completely overhauled (a $300 value). Mamiya designed safety features in this camera quite well. For example, unless you remove the dark slide on the film back, you cannot press the shutter to take a picture. Or, it won't let you remove the film back unless you insert the dark slide. Buy another film back, and now, mid-session, you can switch to a different film. Of course, Mamiya made a variety of lenses for the RB67, everything from wide-angle to telephoto lenses.

I rate the body cosmetically as 8.5/10 due to minor spots of paint loss. So, cosmetically, the condition is commensurate with age. Functionally, it is in fine working condition. Given that this is a professional series camera, you can also replace the focusing screen to match the photography you enjoy.

Mamiya makes its cameras with fine craftsmanship. Mostly made of metal. When you buy an RB67, you are not buying a camera; you are investing in a system, meaning that it has a wide selection of options available to suit your photography needs, from lenses to grips to film back, etc. I have several accessories available for it. During our 1-hour coaching video call, I can review them with you.

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